What to Expect
What is it like at Park Lane?

As a Pentecostal fellowship your worship experience with us includes…

  • Pastors and ministry leaders keeping it personal and practical, because our community of faith believes –“first impressions last!” 
  • Spirit-led music incorporating multimedia, keyboards, guitars, and percussion.
  • The promised Gifts of the Spirit providing a touch of heaven on earth and spiritual dynamics.
  • Encouraging friendships, fervent praying, lifting and clapping of hands, verbal affirmations, tongue-speaking, prophetic encouragement, spiritual songs, praise and dance, healing and miracles.
  • A mission-minded congregation that is all about finding, recruiting, training and sending disciples of Christ into the community and the world-at-large!

What about my Kids?

  • Private clean rooms for Nursery Care and Infants are provided with livestream ammenities.  Preschool (2-3yrs) and KIDS Konnection (5-13 yrs) are dismissed from the sanctuary at 10:30am (after Celebration of Worship)

Where do I Park?

  • We offer curbside entrance on Level 2 (Park Lane) and a public lot on Level 1 (Morris Avenue).  The public lot requires climbing 13 stairsteps to the sanctuary. 

What do I Wear?

  • As a multi-generational congregation, dress code varies at Park Lane.  Some prefer their "Sunday best", while others are comfortable with business casual, jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. 

How can I get Connected?

  • Feel free to talk with any of our staff pastors to become an integral part of the heart of Park Lane!